Snapback is the ultimate speedrunning puzzle platformer. It takes place in a dystopian world ruled by an authoritarian regime. You are a robotic citizen presented with the opportunity to fight against the oppressive system. A mysterious hacker gives you missions to rebel against the regime you live under. Each level presents a different challenge. Gameplay features a unique ability that allows you to traverse levels with careful teleports, only to be pulled back to that location after a set period. Every second counts. Speed is the puzzle.


Images of the Shadowlight Gaming team working on Snapback


Many great people came together to bring you the game snapback! Check out what they did below:

Logan Thomas - Lead 3D Artist

Modeled and baked 3D props, modular environment kits, and characters. Rigged characters and created shaders using Unity Shader Graph.

Gracie Donovan - Lead 2D Artist

Directed the art style of the game including curating a color scheme. Created the UI assets, concept art for hero props, and textured models.

Jack Boland - Lead Game Designer

Lead creation and design process, ensuring quality experience and feel. Balanced the game, designed the lore, and led marketing operations.

Logan Hickman - Lead Programmer

Programmed core game mechanics, ensuring quality implementation of both mechanics and UI with minimal bugs and easy expandability, and outstanding documentation.

James Carmon - UI & Tools Programmer

Created back-end tools to aid and assist with design, save user data, and ensure integration with external libraries. Programmed AI to populate an immersive world.

Daniel Page - Level Design

Designed engaging levels that balance speedrunning and puzzling aspects to deliver engaging user play experiences. Populated levels with environmental assets and design lighting.